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A Few Words About The Practical Spiritual Technology of Decharging:

De-charging is the much-neglected flip side of meditation and an essential part of healing & maintaining balance in life. Using the Five Elements of nature for decharging is a simple, yet powerful, practice that provides an enormous relief to the human energy system (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

In meditation, we CHARGE the soul -- which means, a purification process is starting to run through the human system, as a result of the high divine energy that is coming into our soul.

So whatever blocks and karmas, illusions and difficulties we have in our astral and causal bodies (storehouses of karma) get stirred up & shaken loose. Unless we decharge this negativity, we act outwards, from it, and often wind up getting stuck with it (and whatever new karmas we've created in the process).

For healers, the situation is even more dire.

Many healers believe (because their tradition states it) that they DON'T need any form of 'decharging' or 'grounding' -- after they've spent a day working for hours on peoples' bodies, hearts (like psychotherapists, for example) or souls (like energy healers).

This is why most healers get sick after a few years of doing really inspired, charged, wonderful healings -- they're taking on the stress and strains, the illnesses, and fatigues and worries and karmas of the people they're healing.

Whether they notice it or not.

It's like the principle of fire -- whether you 'believe' fire will burn you if you stick your hand in it, or you don't believe it will burn, guess what? If you stick your hand in a roaring blaze, you'll get burned. It's the nature of fire.

The same principle applies with healings. Whether we believe as healers that we're taking on stuff or not, we are. (Alx was, once upon a time, an advanced Reiki healer/master for many years, and didn't think she was susceptible to all the energies she was receiving and processing for other people. That turned out to be an inaccurate assessment of the situation.)

Not only formal healers per se, but many people in responsible positions at work (ie, being a shoulder to cry on for colleagues or the person everyone unloads on) burn out really fast because they're absorbing all the negativity and stress of the people around them. It's not only their OWN stress, which as you know is more than enough, but everyone else's, too.

Decharging through these simple techniques, then, is hugely important for anyone who is consciously or unconsciously a healer. (Simply defined, a healing is an energy exchange between two or more people where one person is facilitating a shift or a relief for the other(s).) A person whose 'shoulder gets cried on' by friends, family, or co-workers is performing the role of a healer.

Anyone involved in the healing professions like massage, reflexology, acupuncture, breath-work, psychotherapy, energy healing, nursing, medicine, paramedics, etc., should know how to decharge effectively.      

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