What They're Saying About UCBK




"The healing work and support of the UCBK community has literally helped save my life. There are not words enough to express my profound gratitude and appreciation... Thank you! AND here's a donation to make sure you can continue to save lives!"
                      - April S., Santa Cruz, CA



"Thank you for a truly incredible class overspilling with amazing tools!"
                                       - Craig M., Menlo Park, CA

"I can't imagine my life without UCBK. They have helped me grow so much I cannot even find the right words to describe it!"
                             - Dorene G., San Luis Obispo, CA


"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the wonderful gift of being in the beautiful temple this last weekend. I wanted to let you know how much the workshop at the temple impacted me, and provided an experience that I cherish. The bhajans were deeply moving.  All of you are doing such beautiful work together. The sangha is amazing!  From the bottom of my heart - Thank you!"
                                          - Marie F., Portland, OR


"Thank you so much for the class on Saturday. It was such a joy to be around Baba's Kitchen and just open myself up to the possibilities, and to the teachings."
                                                                                               - Kristofer U., Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for another delightful experience, and a chance to play music for people who truly appreciate it."
                                                                        - Jay Oliver, Pianist, Los Angeles, CA


"Thank you for the wonderful gesture of allowing me to stay there over night on Christmas Eve. Being at the temple at Christmas is probably the best gift I could get."
                                  - Nilesh D., Mountain View, CA





"UCBK is a blessed place and healing soul hospital. Jonathan and Alx, who have dedicated their lives to helping others, are responsible capable leaders who do great work on behalf of humanity."     
                                - Andrea W., San Jose, CA









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