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Shiva Rathri 2013: Coming Close To Shiva!

UCBK is starting a new chapter in the spiritual implementation of the consciousness... introducing the Coming Closer To Shiva: Shiva Rathri 2013 Process.  

"The Shiva character is a supreme master.  He's the one responsible for all the souls and the person to give the abilities to any soul.  He's the person to give the healing abilities. He's the person to wash any kind of bad fortune in your life; just simply he can wash it out.  And nonstop, from millions and millions of years until now, he keeps meditating."
                                                                               -- Sri Kaleshwar

The goal of this process is to come closer to the Shiva energy, experientially and at the consciousness level, to be able to receive the deep blessing to our souls and be able to implement the energy of Shiva more effectively in our healing and other works in the world. 

As a group, we can do amazing spiritual things together -- more than any one individual could do. 

This process is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, who would like to join it and receive the flow of energy coming from UCBK and Baba's brick, in the USA, linked with Penukonda, India, and the gurustan there.

Santa Cruz, CA, local folks will have many opportunities to come together to build, enjoy and share the energy with the whole group. 

The 41-day group energy experience will include: 

* Simple mantra diksha & meditations to connect the flow of Baba's brick to your soul
* Daily blessing/healing meditations (from UCBK & Baba's brick) to the soul
* Conference calls to support & check in
* Conference call recording links to listen later
* A culmination program on Shiva Rathri Day at UCBK (in Santa Cruz, CA) 

Click here to find out about the Process details!

Extra offerings, at UCBK, during this time:

* Additional, optional Five Elements series to build/share healing energy together (video-streamed)
* Pujari Training in the different pujas so community members can support the Element series
* Sponsorships of the Five Element series individually, or the whole program
* Sponsors receive distance healing transmission through the series, then high-energy offerings after the elements' series is completed
* A Shiva Energy 3-day retreat
* Short classes in the Shiva energy/character/nature/mechanisms
Click here to see more about the extra events!

Coming Closer To Shiva Process

The process itself will begin with an on-site event (available for those at a distance by conference call or internet streaming) AT UCBK, on the full-moon day of January 26th.  

It will continue for the next 41 days, through March 7th, as we build the energy and go deeply into Shiva's nature, as a group.  The energy pouring from UCBK and Baba's brick and other power objects put here by Sri Kaleshwar & Mother Divine will be sent every day to participants in the program, to receive, digest, enjoy, and develop the additional energy in the soul's bank account & inner consciousness.  

Maha Shiva Rathri will be celebrated at UCBK on Saturday, March 9th.  
(Clarification: The official Indian websites say it's on the 10th, but we are 12 hours behind, here in California -- and Swami always celebrated Maha Shiva Rathri 2 days before the New Moon -- the New Moon is on the 11th of March.)

Participants in the process will have a special process to do on the Shiva Rathri day -- either in-person at UCBK or connected via video streaming, as a group. 

The cost of the process itself is $108 -- to be in the meditation group, receiving emails, phone conference calls, and the final Shiva Rathri day experience.   The deadline for registering for this process, including sending a digital photograph of yourself, is January 23rd.  

Yes!! I want to sign up for this 41-Day Process now -- my tax-deductible credit card donation reserves my place in this process: 

(Details of the process launch and other protocols will be emailed upon registration.)

Alternatively, I will call or email UCBK to work out other arrangements   Tel: 831/ 421-2972


The Extras -- Supporting & Building The Shiva Energy
The other modules and classes, retreat and workshops during this time are optional and available on an la carte basis. 


These Extras include (click each link for a thorough event description and registration details):

  • Five Element Series To Build The Energy: Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, Air
    3-day series of 1-hour activities/transmissions at UCBK (and streamed over the internet) corresponding to the energy of each particular element, weekly for five weeks

    Each of these series' events can be sponsored for healing and distance healing -- click here to find out how!

  • The Art Of The Puja: Special Pujari Training at UCBK
    An afternoon session training pujaris and pujarinis in how to do proper pujas: Fire homas, abisheks, and arathis at UCBK -- pujaris can then sign up to conduct the Five Element series pujas! in this 41-day process

  • Late-Night Bhajans/Kirtan at UCBK Celebrating Lord Shiva
    An evening of bhajans/kirtan at UCBK as the 3-Day Retreat program begins

  • 3-Day Shiva Energy Retreat
    Going deeper into the Shiva energy & consciousness through a beautiful blend of silence, meditation, teaching/satsang, experiential hands-on activities, kirtan/bhajans, Sri Kaleshwar audio or video lectures, and directly connecting with Baba's brick piece. This retreat is for people who want a deeper Shiva experience to access the depth of his grace as a group.

  • Two Short Classes On Shiva at UCBK:
    Saturday, February 9th -- Shiva Class
    & Sunday, March 3rd -- Shiva Class
    Two 90-minute Sunday afternoon classes to further the understanding of the supreme character & divine consciousness, Shiva

  • Shiva Rathri Celebration Program at UCBK
    A Friday evening meditation Friday March 8th & an all-day program on Saturday, March 9th at UCBK (streamed for process people)  This event details are TBA!

    (Please note: although the Indian websites list March 10th as the official Shiva Rathri day, Sri Kaleshwar always celebrated Shiva Rathri two days before the New Moon -- which falls on the 11th in the US -- for the maximum high energy blessing of the Shiva Rathri energy. Because of this, and because California is 12 hours behind India, we are celebrating the highest energy of March 9th.)

Supporting The 41 Days of Shiva By Increasing The Five Elements' Energy

As part of the increasing Shiva energy, we've created a Five Elements Series of practical, experiential modules at UCBK -- in each of the five weeks of the 41 days, each element will be explored/implemented through a 3-day set of pujas and meditations, a special process and bhajans/kirtan.

We will be offering a special pujari training course at UCBK, so that anyone who would like to learn the proper way to do fire homas, abisheks, and arathis can be trained to do these ceremonies -- and then sign up to be the pujari or pujarini at each of the different pujas in the elements' series.  

Everyone is invited to enjoy these element events for a minimal donation at UCBK, as they're able -- these Five Elements events are open to the public, and anyone who wants to come share the energy -- (*plus the cost of materials in the case of the Earth element series, details in the Elements' Series section) -- we will also live-stream them through the internet, as well.  

Sponsoring The Elements' Series For Healing/Blessing to the soul

Each event series will ALSO be sponsorable -- for $50 per series -- a series of earth element flower abisheks on the brick, a series of fire homas, a series of sky meditations, a series of abisheks, and a series of bhajans -- for personal healing or for a loved one/family member.  

We will read the list of sponsors and send the energy, during each element puja or event.  Sponsors will receive applicable holy materials as prasad after the series are concluded. Sponsor info here.

         An abishek (holy bath) of the Baba murthi, UCBK Temple 

Prasad after each element series: Earth, Fire, Water, and so on

SPONSORS of an Element Series will receive holy, charged materials after the series, as applicable -- flower petals after the earth element abisheks, ash from the fires after the fire homa series, abishek water after the water element series is finished, long distance transmission of healing with the sky element (and a special gift from Shiva), plus a musical gift from the air element series. Sponsor info here.

I would like to know more about the sponsorship model
for these Element's Series events, the whole Shiva Rathri Extras Program,
or the Fire Homa on Maha Shiva Rathri day! 

What are my options?  Click here to find out!

Sponsoring The Entire Shiva Rathri/Five Elements Series

You can also sponsor the ENTIRE Shiva Rathri/Five Elements series -- for $150.  This includes sending all the energy, from each and every element event, for yourself, or to whomever you wish, as well as the final Shiva Rathri fire homa.  The sponsor names will be read after each element puja or event, and the energy sent to them all.  (You'll receive the highly charged elements' materials after the entire element series have been concluded, plus ash from the final Shiva Rathri Celebration fire homa.)

Sponsoring The Shiva Rathri Day Fire Homa Only
The final Shiva Rathri day fire homa can be sponsored on its own for $50, and the healing energy (and ash) from that homa sent to whomever you wish (yourself, family member or loved one).

Find out about these sponsorship options HERE

All donations to UCBK are tax-deductible. 
We are so grateful for your continued support and sharing of the energy, love
and power of this temple on the mountain! 



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