Sample Classes

Examples of Classes & Teachings

This "new ancient tradition" of spiritual healing, energy channels, & understanding the miracles, is re-enlivening a kind of soul science in the world today.  

As with any research tradition, there is an existing body of knowledge to draw on, and absorb, as well as practical experiments to be undertaken. These diverse, multi-faceted classes, workshops and teachings are designed to offer a range of training, covering the experience of spirituality & healing, as Sri Kaleshwar has been expressing it, from many different angles.

To find out where and when these or other classes are being held, please check the constantly updated Events link on this site for more information.

Some of the classes & workshops offered by UCBK teachers include:

Into The Secrets Of The Mother:
The Holy Womb Chakra Process

Washing out the dramas of karma to restore peace & harmony in life & in relationships, plus find your true soul mate

90% of people in the world today are facing a terrible disease: Heartbreak.

No matter what age, stage in life, gender, socio-economic status -- karma is expressing itself through the drama of our human relationships, often fraught with frustrations, loss, disappointments, betrayals, personal and professional misunderstandings, mistakes, tensions, illnesses, soul wounds, and conflict.

These days, the dramas are particularly experienced in the roller-coaster ride of relationships between men and women.

Where is the end of the turbulent dramas in each person's life?  How can we understand the deeper meaning of, and disconnect from, our karmas?  How can we create balance, harmony, inner peace, and real happiness in our lives and our relationships? 

Welcome to The Holy Womb Chakra Process -- a dynamic adventure into a 7000-year-old healing technology from ancient India! 

The powerful tools contained in The Holy Womb Chakra Process can help you wash out all of the problems, tensions, misunderstandings, mistakes, soul wounds, and karmas generated through the gripping drama of human relationships.

A strong Womb Chakra -- in men and in women -- assures a stable, clear approach to love, relationships, healing and physical/emotional/spiritual progress.

The whole process of strengthening this mystical energy center in the human body involves two steps:

1. Learning to draw an ancient yantra, a spiritual diagram that expresses the energy of the source from which all souls, and all forms, came, before the drama started.

2. Practicing ancient holy prayers that relieve the effects of suffering, attachment, desire and other prevalent human conditioning.  (If left unchecked, our karmic conditioning can lead to heartbreak, depression, disappointment, and a disconnect from the divine.)

During this sacred knowledge session, participants will learn how to draw the yantra properly, recite and pronounce the mantra prayers associated with its on-going practice, and have a forum in which to ask questions about this sacred healing device.

The transcript of the entire Holy Womb Chakra material given in the summer of 2006 can be found in the bookstore at -- having a downloaded copy of this transcript is required for participation in this special day of discussion and exploration of this high divine process.

What to bring along for the session:

  • transcript of the Holy Womb Chakra materials

  • colored pencils or markers

  • large drawing paper

  • white-out (yes, really!!!!)

The Kalachakra Process

Workshop & Activating Homa: Sacred Knowledge From Lord Buddha

What Is the Purpose of Your Enlightenment?

"Turn your life to be a holy healer, a soul healer.
Otherwise what is the purpose of your enlightenment? 
What was the reason Jesus helped all those people? 
What was the reason Buddha meditated and meditated?
His soul completely healed millions of people;
his soul was prepared like that.
To everyone praying to him, he sent his energy.
When you are in the body, try to do that practice.
Then when you leave from your body, whoever thinks on you,
completely your soul energy comes to help to them."                          
                                                                            - Sri Kaleshwar

The Kalachakra Process: Sacred Knowledge From Lord Buddha

"Time is money."
A stitch in time saves nine."
"To everything there is a season: a time to live, a time to die, a time to sow, a time to reap..."
"Time's running out."

Time is one of the most powerful illusions faced by human beings. If we look around our lives and the lives of others, we understand (like the Buddha did) that suffering happens, and takes many forms, including illness, poverty, old age, and, finally, death occurs.

In the ancient teachings from India, "Kala" means "Time" -- and it also means "Poison."  Nothing is born into this world without its death being implicit.

How can we go beyond the limitations of time?  How can we negotiate through the effects of time?  How can we undo the poison of time's effects in our lives?

From the depths of his extraordinary compassion for the suffering of humanity, combined with his profound meditations in nature, Lord Buddha found Kalachakra -- the relief, the soul medicine, to this prevalent poison in the human experience.




                                     "Once the Kalachakra Yantra is with you,
                                                 Time cannot bite you that easily."



This ancient soul knowledge & healing mechanism, originally discovered by Lord Buddha, was given out in December of 2006.  This  occasion, at Joshua Tree, in America, marked the first time this powerful Kalachakra Process was given out.

In addition to a deep system of soul healing & understanding, The Kalachakra Process includes a series of powerful prayers (mantras) & a yantra (sacred diagram expressing the energetic structures of Time, the human soul and the innermost consciousness).

The benefits of Kalachakra knowledge include making the soul healthy through:

*  switching pain and suffering to happiness & divine understanding
*  enlightenment experiences -- links to soul travel & other divine processes like The Holy Womb Chakra
*  creating angelic protection circles so Time's illusions don't hit so much
*  allowing us to recapture the energy of happier times in our lives, and bring that energy to our soul in the present time to heal our emotions

Materials you'll need for the course:

  • large pad of drawing paper
  • colored pens or pencils
  • white-out (yes, really!) 
  • an approximately 14" x 14"  piece of cardboard
  • transparent tape
  • normal graphite pencil
  • a ball-point pen

You'll also need a cushion or something to sit on (folding chair, backjack, etc.) for the homa that will follow the workshop, to activate your yantra.


Decharging Stress & Strain For Self-Healing
(& Healers)

Human beings are like semi-permeable membranes -- we are energetic beings -- often picking up stress & strain from the environment around us, primarily through interactions with others.  Without our conscious notice, these interactions (at work, play, performing arts, in the family or in helping professions) create, over time, a residual build-up of stressful energy in our systems. 

Although this principles applies to every human being, anyone involved in the healing professions like massage, reflexology, acupuncture, breathwork, psychotherapy, energy healing, nursing, medicine, EMT, etc., should know how to decharge effectively
. In the helping professions, particularly, a lot of energy and stress is transferring from person to practitioner, with or without our notice.

(A person whose 'shoulder gets cried on' by friends, family, or co-workers is performing the role of a healer.)

"This is a superb teaching. 
Therapists, bodyworkers
and health professionals
of all kinds...
I hope you can make it
and start benefiting
like I have from the tools."

- Linda Marie Kimball Grace,
Massage Therapist
Santa Cruz, CA

Without an effective means through which to decharge whatever stress, negativities, karmas, or other unnecessary energies we pick up throughout a day, we have less protection against disease, injuries, life's dramas, and the build-up of burn-out.

Decharging through the elements of nature like the earth, fire, and water, provides simple relief to the age-old problem of stress.

In this short, entertaining & hands-on class,
you'll learn:

  • How every human being picks up stress & strain from others

  • How to reduce stress effectively & instantly at home and work

  • How to identify the symptoms that decharging is needed

  • How to decharge stress effectively through the elements of nature

  • How to restore balance & equilibrium in your life easily!


Click HERE for a longer discussion of the importance of De-charging.


The Mechanics of Meditation

What's really happening in meditation? If we're charging the soul, how come so many thoughts are running around in the mind? What is the goal of meditation -- is it peace of mind, balance, spiritual growth, greater clarity?

How can we gain maximum spiritual energy through meditating? This class is designed for meditators of all experience levels, from any tradition, to help gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms in meditation. It includes an exploration of crystal-clear and simple techniques for meditation, using mantra to pull and digest deep spiritual energies -- whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator.

What you can expect: a deep analysis of the process of how we go from the surface level of the mind to the depths of silence. It's vital to gain an understanding of the process of purification of the nervous system and how it affects our meditation. We'll explain the role of thoughts in meditation -- why we sometimes have a lot of thoughts, and at other times, hardly any at all.

Finally, a coherent answer to the question: Is it necessary to have a purely empty mind in order to meditate effectively? The experience of meditation will be covered from many different angles, such as:

  • What's the real point of meditation?
  • How to do japa effectively?
  • Why is mantra necessary?
  • What is the difference between doing japa & other meditations?
  • What's the connection between meditation & the heart & the soul?
  • What is trance & what's really happening in that stage of meditation?
  • What are the symptoms of a successful meditation?
  • What's an energy channel and how do we experience it?

This class also includes practical meditations.


An Introduction to Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui)

How the Five Elements can make or break your life -- and how to increase health, wealth & wisdom through living in harmony with them

Vaastu is the ancient knowledge from which Feng Shui derived.  Come explore this exciting Vedic tradition of combining architecture and land development, the arrangement of homes, offices, spiritual centers and other buildings with the energies of the five elements of creation -- earth, fire, sky, water, and air -- and the cardinal directions.

Living in accordance with vaastu can fix 80% of life's problems, including illnesses and family troubles. An understanding of vaastu principles creates tremendous insight into spiritual realities.  This new detailed approach to the ancient knowledge shares some similarities with Feng Shui, yet it is a more effective and more sustainable system over time. Good vaastu affects health, prosperity, balance, happiness, relationships and potential spiritual development in auspicious ways. Bad vaastu, on the other hand, can lead to supreme failures in any of those areas.

This class will introduce vaastu basics. The practical applications include a demonstration of how anyone can improve their home's vaastu -- and the corresponding aspects of their life -- in a surprisingly short time.


Healing Through The Celestial Channels
of the Angels:      The Five Elements Process

The Five Elements is a vital part of the 'new ancient tradition' of healing and miracle energy systems being introduced, for the first time in milleniae, back to humanity.

A profound system of healing for oneself and others, The Five Elements Process involves learning an on-going meditation practice, with healing techniques, in order to align with the building blocks of creation -- the vibrations of earth, water, fire, sky and air.  Since everything in this creation, including the human form, is composed of these elements, this process is revealing, step by step, the 'access code' (like a PIN number) for each element.

Once you've charged your soul with the elements' vibrations through a series of mantra practices, you can then use those elements to restore and create health, vitality, balance, emotional well-being and spiritual awakenings in yourself and in other people.

During this class, people will have access to the Five Elements mantras and how to use them for healing.   We'll be sharing details about the angelic energies in the elements of Nature, how to build relationship with them, and use that relationship to help others.

The Five Elements is a foundation practice -- the beginning of a deep adventure into healing channels, profound meditations, and an enlivened soul relationship with Nature.

In addition to explaining the mechanism of charging the soul, through these practices, we'll be going over power decharging techniques. Decharging negativity & stress is an essential part of the life of a healer -- healers who don't have effective methods of decharging are taking on too much of the stress and karmas of the people they're working with, leading to burn-out, illness, chronic fatigue, high anxiety and other health-related problems.

Bring a japa mala if you have one!

"Choosing to practice these powerful vibration mantras I am giving is a purification process for your soul. Purifying your soul through these mantras gives very higher peace and connects you to the cosmic energy. Cosmic energy means, connecting to God."
                                                                -- Sri Kaleshwar, on the Five Elements

You can download these powerful mantras HERE
You can download the mp3 files of Jonathan D. Rosen reciting The Five Elements Mantras HERE

Practical Healing - How To Heal With The Five Elements & Sai Shakti Energy

A deep understanding of healing & the mechanisms of healing really comes through sharing healing energy! 

Sometimes it takes confidence, experience, and a leap of faith to recognize that healing energy is running through us and available to other people who are in need of healing.

This class is for students who are currently charging The Five Elements Process mantras and want to start healing with the elements, AND for those who are charging other Sri Kaleshwar knowledge systems (like the JC Channels, Sri Chakra, etc.). 

Anyone who has been meditating for 3-6 months or more with a personal mantra from this tradition, or is in a spiritual process group (like The Maheshwari Group, etc.), is eligible to take this class and learn about giving shaktipat, and healing through the personal mantra.

In this practical, hands-on clinical healing day, these major aspects will be covered:

  • How to set up the room for maximum healing benefit.

  • How to talk about healing with a potential recipient of healing energy.

  • Discussion & demonstration of specific healing techniques using the individual elements.

  • Distance healing & instructions for both healers and recipients of distance healing, in order to create successful experiences.

  • Discussion & demonstration about how to give shaktipat, and healing, through the personal mantra.

  • Decharging with the elements will also be reviewed.


What Is the Purpose of Your Enlightenment?

"Turn your life to be a holy healer, a soul healer. Otherwise what is the purpose of your enlightenment? What was the reason Jesus helped all those people? What was the reason Buddha meditated and meditated? His soul completely healed millions of people; his soul was prepared like that. To everyone praying to him, he sent his energy. When you are in the body try to do that practice. Then when you leave from your body, whoever thinks on you, completely your soul energy comes to help to them."
                                                                                                            - Sri Kaleshwar


Maha Panchabhutas:
The Inner Five Elements Process 

The Maha Panchabhutas, or Inner Elements, Process is the inside depth of the Five Elements.  In The Five Elements Process, we are purifying the elements in our own systems and learning how to help heal others through the elements.

In the Inner Elements, we are going straight to the elements' relationship in the karmas, the illusions, and the 'blocks' in each soul -- whatever traits are blocking each individual from recognizing their own inner divinity and capacity to handle the power channels.

"What are these elements' energy lilas (plays)? How is your soul handling it?
Everything is linked with our inner vibrations, linked with the Five Elements.  
Once you have perfect, or at least, maintaining a pretty good balance of the
Five Elements, your whole life goes very peacefully."  - Sri Kaleshwar

The Mother Divine is the inner energy hidden in the Five Elements, as the creator of the elements' energy.  Purifying the Inner Elements energy means getting close to Her siddhic energy, the supernatural energy -- although the entire control of the five elements belongs to Shiva.

Understanding and practicing the Inner Elements starts to wash out the negative illusions, the karmas, and the kamas, on the soul, and creates a balancing in the Five Elements.  This in turns leads to a kind of stithipragnatata, or state of equilibrium, an acceptance of 'whatever it is, it is.'

From stithipragnatata, and through the mastery of the Inner Elements, you can help the people around you connect more deeply to god by helping them wash out their karmas, their deepest negative illusions.

"Let's talk about how the elements are related to the illusion channels, the real strong illusion channels around our soul.  Karmas will prepare and access through the influence of the five elements. If you have a real strong energy, the five elements in you, then you can break the illusions. You can really burn them.  You can wash these illusion channels in your soul."            - Sri Kaleshwar



The JC (Jesus Christ) Channels

A Workshop & Divine Exploration Into the Highest Healing Mechanisms 

In this sacred workshop, the following knowledge will be shared:

  • The highest healing energies & techniques available in the world today.

  • Divine formulas of the miracle mechanisms.

  • New & inspiring information about Jesus' life & training as a yogi in India.

  • Techniques to heal the souls through Jesus' direct channels.


"He's not an ordinary soul, guys.
Not at all an ordinary soul."

                                                     - Sri Kaleshwar


Jesus Christ is known all over the world for having done unbelievable miracles and healings. Sri Kaleshwar calls Jesus one of the greatest spiritual masters and healers who ever walked on the earth, and regards him as one of the top divine souls in our spiritual lineage.

Anyone who's learned about Christianity or read the Biblical accounts of the life of Christ knows that he performed amazing miracles, like turning water into wine, and that he healed thousands and thousands of people from physical and spiritual maladies during his short life. 

What is the real greatness of Jesus?  LOVE.          
"Love is Jesus, and Jesus is Love."

But how did that love translate, practically,
into miraculous healings, demonstrations of miracles,
and Jesus' clear understanding of life and death? 

Are there any exact, perfect formulas for implementing that love and deep spiritual knowledge, through miraculous healing abilities? 

There is no doubt that Jesus left the Middle East in his youth (the so-called "Lost Years") and came to study and travel in India.  He met many masters, and studied the deep spiritual mechanisms, the ancient knowledge, in India.

But what did he study?
Where is that knowledge today? 
What did he teach his disciples? 

What about his promise to them:
"Whatever works I have done, you will do and greater..."?

In this beautiful and inspiring course, it is our honor and our duty to share the actual mechanics --the formulas -- for building such powerful love in your heart and soul like Jesus did, himself, 2000 years ago.  Learn the mechanisms, the deep spiritual knowledge, about how to wash out any blocks (illusions) in you that stand in the way of implementing that love in the world.

This is the right time to bring out this amazing knowledge, which has been hidden away for 2000 years. Until 2004, it was never taught outside of India, or beyond a handful of top spiritual masters. 

In this program, we are going deep into the JC Channels, the highest healing and miracle energy channels available on this planet. The knowledge & techniques that are coming from this new ancient tradition will prepare you to receive the highest divine energies and understandings of the miracles mechanisms of this creation. 

Now more than ever, the need is great in the world for human beings to understand the deep messages Jesus was sharing with all of us:

  • We are all the light of the world.
  • We are all the children of the divine.
  • We are all carrying the light of Christ within our souls.
  • We are all capable of demonstrating miracles, the same miracles that Jesus showed during his lifetime.
  • How can we access that light? How can we unveil our souls so that we really and truly can shine our light in this world in the brightest and best possible way?
  • How can we communicate with the angels and demonstrate miraculous works on this earth?

Jesus is Love.
Love is Jesus.
In the silence of meditation the voice of Christ speaks.
In the silent recesses of the heart,
the light of Christ is shining.
From the silence, the angels can be accessed
to heal and lift the souls.
In the light of the angels, miracles happen.



The J.C. (Jesus Christ) Yantra

A Full-Day Workshop With Healing Homa

This healing yantra, designed millenniae ago by Jesus Christ, will purify any home from negativity and has effected miraculous healings & transformations for people who hold it.

At the conclusion of the day-long class, there will be a Fire Homa (ceremony) for charging the yantras.

The Yantra Workshop

The J.C. Yantra is an INTENSE yantra, much more complicated  than the Sri Chakra Yantra. (All advanced students of this tradition know how to draw it from memory.)

In this class, you'll learn how to draw the yantra on paper and then create a copper version on sheets that are provided (metal holds energy quite powerfully).

This yantra is one of the highest healing devices available in the world.  It has facilitated many miracle healings as a result of people using it in their homes, meditating with it, sleeping with it, holding it while receiving shaktipat, or drawing it themselves. Healers who put it under massage or other healing tables report powerful & unexpected results. 

The presence of the JC yantra has helped dissolve heartbreak, physical problems, negative energies in a home, psychiatric problems.... all kinds of challenges and disturbances that people are faced with can melt in the strength and power and divine love of this yantra.

This magnificent healing device was designed by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago in India, and executed by 101 top top top maharshis.  

The technology can only be taught on a new moon day or a full moon day.

If you've already taken the class, you're welcome to attend again at half-price, to refresh your command of this yantra and to deepen your experience with it.

Because one of the diksha (requirement) points about teaching this yantra includes charging it in a homa (a sacred fire) after the yantra is done on copper, the class times for this workshop are a little in flux.

Different people work at different levels of speed and comprehension of the process, so you can pretty much expect that this entire day and into the night will be spent learning this phenomenal yantra technique.  (There will be a potluck lunch and dinner as well, in between....)

The day culminates -- after every student has created a yantra on copper -- in a fire homa to charge the yantras.  The homa can't be started until everyone is 90% finished with their yantras.

Getting this knowledge is an incredible adventure into the essence of the energy of Jesus Christ and his healing abilities.

Spirituality of this magnitude, at this level, SHOULD require a huge commitment and flexibility. Information of this high a caliber and sacredness should require that one rearranges one's normal life and scheduling, and expectations about what a workshop is.

                            "If it doesn't totally shatter your belief systems,
                              it's not real spirituality."
                                                                     - Sri Kaleshwar


Into The Sky: The Sun & Moon Yantras

During a incredible Christmas program in Penukonda, India, in 1999, these two beautiful yantra systems, The Sun (Suriya) Yantra and The Moon (Chandra) Yantra, were given out.

A yantra is a sacred energy diagram, in two dimensions, expressing universal energetic mechanisms that exist
in multiple dimensions.

These simple-to-draw, mystical yantras provide deep energetic insights into the solar & lunar mechanisms, both external from and inside the human system.

When put in your home and positioned properly, the Sun and Moon (Surya and Chandra) Yantras help to balance the energies in your home and in your soul.

During the workshop, students will learn:

  • about the depth of the Sun and the Moon, how they're really affecting on this creation
  • how to draw both yantras
  • how to recite the simple mantras associated with the sun & the moon energies
  • how to practice the easy but powerful processes associated with these cosmic aspects of Nature
  • how the angels are related to the Sun and the Moon
  • powerful healing techniques associated with these yantras

Materials you'll need for the course:

* large pad of drawing paper
* colored pens or pencils
* white-out (yes, really!) 
* a potluck veggie lunch item to share

Into The Heart of the Mother:
The Sri Chakra Yantra & The Mother Divine

A yantra is an energy diagram, in two dimensions, of universal energetic mechanisms that exist in multiple dimensions.

The Sri Chakra Yantra is a special gift for spiritual students, based on exact researches and expert inquiry into the nature of this creation.

It contains the whole blueprint for this creation: the planet, the souls, the angels, the divine souls, the deities, the negative souls, the nature of god, the reflection of god into manifest creation, the maya or illusion nature in creation, the five elements, all healings and blessings, the individual soul astrology (past and future of each soul in the world), the siddhis or supernatural abilities.

Most of all, the Sri Chakra is the home of the Mother Divine, the female principle of the divine energy that is the Creator.

Whether we know Her as Mother Mary, as Quan Yin,
as Laxmi, Maha Kali, or Nature --
Mother is Mother.

 "She doesn't belong to any religion."
                                               - Sri Kaleshwar

The Sri Chakra system is a powerful tool for healing any soul on the planet, anywhere.  A mechanism for using and understanding cosmic energies, it is also a key access point for attracting the Mother's
energies to our souls.

During this course, we will learn how to draw the Sri Chakra Yantra, and discuss what it is, how to use it, & what the healing benefits of the Sri Chakra are.

We will also share some luminous teachings about the Mother Divine: who is She, what is Her creation, what is this feminine aspect of God and why is She so supremely important to anyone involved in spirituality?

We will be sharing deep examples from the lives of some famous saints in history (their connections and dealings with the Mother), including Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Buddha, Shirdi Sai Baba, Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, Tenali Ramakrishna, and Paramahansa Yogananda.

What to bring along for the session:

 * colored pencils or markers & large drawing paper
 * a compass (the drawing round-circles kind, not the cardinal directions kind!)
 * a ruler or other straight-edge
 * white-out (yes, really!!!!)
 * vegetarian snacks/one lunch item to share


What IS The Brahma Consciousness?
A short class in a vital aspect of the human energy system

This short class provides an introduction and a deeper inquiry into the Brahma Consciousness, that important aspect of the human system relating to the soul and the mind, and linked with the cosmic Intelligence.

How does the Brahma Consciousness operate?  
How can we strengthen its capacity?
What is it doing when we are sleeping?

What IS the Brahma Consciousness?
How does it function in relationship to the soul, and to the mind?

This dynamic class will include showing a lecture (on DVD) from India, during the 1999 Christmas program in Penukonda, discussing the subject of the Brahma Consciousness.

A few excerpts from Sri Kaleshwar:

"Brahma Consciousness means whatever the thoughts are giving, the mind and soul discuss, and finally the judge is giving the decision. That judge is called Brahma Consciousness. The Brahma Consciousness is your inner guru, and it helps you to be happy, clear and balanced.  It gives resistance and self-healing power.

Brahma Consciousness is implementing, giving the strong force to your soul.  It gives the energy to the soul, to make it do the good things your soul says to you. It will develop through your meditation power..."  




Thursday Evenings:  Sai Shakti Satsang & Healing Meditation

Spiritual Discussions and Lectures, Healing, Singing, and Meditation

Dates:  Thursday evenings

Time:  7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Donation:  $10 (suggested)

Location: UCBK Temple
9700 Empire Grade Road,
Bonny Doon, CA 95060

Directions to UCBK Temple HERE

Questions?  831/ 425-3234

About The Sai Shakti Satsang

Sai Shakti Satsang includes some sacred song (bhajan) singing, a group discussion around a spiritual subject, followed by a peaceful & uplifting healing meditation...

Jonathan & Alx share knowledge, insights, and spiritual healing energy from this 'new ancient tradition' of Shirdi Sai Baba and his divine lineage of saints, leading to a group question-and-answer discussion to create sat-sang (literally, 'divine truth in a group setting'). The group healing meditation is all the more potent for taking new spiritual understandings into the inner silence.

Why is a group dynamic so important, and a fundamental part of any serious spiritual undertaking?

One part of the answer lies in a mysterious concept called 'protection circles,' the soul (and angelic) layers of support and mystical protection that are developed any time more than one or two people come together to share spiritual practice.

There is a compelling story about a group of Japanese monks meditating at the time the United States dropped the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima -- IN Hiroshima. The whole city was reduced to fire and ash but their monastery kept standing and the whole group of monks was unharmed by the explosion and subsequent radiation.

Why?    Protection circles, because they were meditating together as a group.

There really is no substitute for group experience, group spiritual practice, and the support that can be found in a spiritual community.  A group can advance spiritually in a rapid way, where an individual is more likely to get stuck and flounder.

The satsang experience, on a weekly basis, reminds people who are committed to living a spiritual life about the importance of meditation, healing, inspiration, support, love, understanding and compassion on a day-to-day level, as a practical function of spiritual discipline. It gives everyone a chance to go deeper into their spiritual practice and meditation experiences, and to ask questions along the way about the different stages and adventures of spiritual life.

You can find out more about this expression of 'groupism' by checking out Alx' blog.


Alx & Jonathan returned to Santa Cruz in March 2005, after spending seven years studying in India. Their training was/is in intense spirituality and healing techniques from a Shiva-Shakti** tradition a miracle healing saint.  

**Shakti - 1) high powerful divine energy. 2) the Feminine divine force, expressed as the principle of creation. 3) part of the mechanism of miracles.
4) another name for the Divine Mother or Goddess.

What They're Saying

"Thank you for the wonderful Saturday evening, your presence and the knowledge you shared. My inspiration is back on track, I found it not very easy to do it all alone."
                                                                                              -- Y., Los Angeles

"Again, Blessings to you both for your wonderful work and sharing the Divine Knowledge. I will certainly do my part to keep the energy going..."
                                                                                              -- S., Los Angeles

A note about donations:  All of our events are available to any sincere spiritual student in search of divine knowledge--as such, we do accept sliding scale and other trades if finances are a barrier preventing you from attending.  If you've already taken a major course, like the Five Elements Process or the Sri Chakra Yantra, you are welcome to attend these courses again, at half-price as a refresher (materials fees still required, if appropriate).

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen
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or email here

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