Regular Weekly Events

Regular Weekly Events




Thursday Mornings (by appointment): Abishek & Arathi Of The Baba Murthi at UCBK Temple

Join The Universal Church Of Baba's Kitchen in the main temple on a Thursday morning at 11:30 a.m., for a beautiful divine bath of the murthi (living statue) of Shirdi Sai Baba installed in the temple. 

Please call us at 831/ 713-5031 or send an email to UCBK if you'd like to attend a Thursday abishek & arathi.

On Guru Day, Thursday, the Baba murthi often receives a beautiful ceremony with the water element, washing the karmas of all who observe the process and pouring his blessings into hearts everywhere.

After the abishek, or ritual bath, UCBK pujaris make an arathi to Baba -- using a camphor flame and chanting different mantras and songs while the ceremony is in progress. 

All are welcome to attend the abishek and arathi on Thursdays, to receive Baba's blessing and upliftment in our lives -- by appointment, please 

The temple is then open until 1:30 p.m. for quiet meditation and seva (service). 

Event Times:
11:30 a.m. Abishek
12:00 noon Arathi

Temple open until 1:30 p.m. for meditation/seva

Location: UCBK Temple
9700 Empire Grade
Bonny Doon, CA

Directions to UCBK HERE

Questions?  831/ 425-3234 or email Baba's Kitchen




Thursday Evenings:  Sai Shakti Satsang & Healing Meditation

Spiritual Discussions, Healing, Singing, and Meditation

"Satsang was grrrrrreat! I love that you two bit off a big chunk and got down to it. The topic sparks my conviction and dedication to the healing process."               -- J. T., Santa Cruz

Dates:  Thursday evenings

Time:  7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Donation:  $10

Location: UCBK Temple
9700 Empire Grade
Bonny Doon, CA 95060

Directions to UCBK HERE

Questions?  831/ 425-3234

About The Sai Shakti Satsang

Sai Shakti Satsang includes some sacred song (bhajan) singing, peaceful & uplifting healing meditation, followed by a group discussion around a spiritual subject...

Jonathan & Alx share knowledge, insights, and spiritual healing energy from this 'new ancient tradition' of Shirdi Sai Baba and his divine lineage of saints, leading to a group question-and-answer discussion to create sat-sang (literally, 'divine truth in a group setting').

New!  Join Sai Shakti Satsang by phone from anywhere in the world!

You can also join Sai Shakti Satsang by remote conference call - send an email to the UCBK Temple if you'd like to be included in the weekly informational email (including the phone number and access code).

"I'm happily applauding and promoting your Thursday night satsang-over-the-phone. I am literally amazed, impressed and inspired that the Divine knowledge can be so wonderfully, skillfully and thoroughly presented and shared over the phone... "         
             -- C.M., Palo Alto, CA

"As the call progressed I realized that my self-doubt and fear is part of the process of going to a deeper level. 

When the two of you spoke of how when you realized that "the energy is
running in YOU" ... and that we're not going to India to sit in his lap, that it's about communicating on an internal level,  I thought, "that's what started to happen to me. WOW!!!!!! OH MY GOD!"

A step towards clarity.  That's why I'm going to Penukonda in February.
I want to start to harvest this strange surge of energy that he's opened up for me and to THINK on it.  Instead of running around here in New York like a lunatic."           
                                                      --   V.J., New York


Why is a group dynamic so important, and a fundamental part of any serious spiritual undertaking?

One part of the answer lies in a mysterious concept called 'protection circles,' the soul (and angelic) layers of support and mystical protection that are developed any time more than one or two people come together to share spiritual practice.

There is a famous story about a group of Japanese monks meditating at the time the United States dropped the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima -- IN Hiroshima. The whole city was reduced to fire and ash but their monastery kept standing and the whole group of monks was unharmed by the explosion and subsequent radiation.

Why?    Protection circles, because they were meditating together as a group.

There really is no substitute for group experience, group spiritual practice, and the support that can be found in a spiritual community.  A group can advance spiritually in a rapid way, where an individual is more likely to get stuck and flounder.

The satsang experience, on a weekly basis, reminds people who are committed to living a spiritual life about the importance of meditation, healing, inspiration, support, love, understanding and compassion on a day-to-day level, as a practical function of spiritual discipline. It gives everyone a chance to go deeper into their spiritual practice and meditation experiences, and to ask questions along the way about the different stages and adventures of spiritual life.

You can find out more about this expression of 'groupism' by checking out Alx' blog.

Alx & Jonathan returned to Santa Cruz in March 2005, after spending seven years studying in India. Their training was/is in intense spirituality and healing techniques from a Shiva-Shakti** tradition at the Shiva Sai Madir, a center for miracle healings.  

**Shakti - 1) high powerful divine energy. 2) the Feminine divine force, expressed as the principle of creation. 3) part of the mechanism of miracles.
4) another name for the Divine Mother or Goddess.

What They're Saying

"It is truly a delight to watch the two of you step into leadership with such love and dedication. It shows a true self mastery to be able to give so much so deeply to so many. May all your days be blessed and
may you feel the gratitude of my heart for your sharing of the sacred knowledge."
                                                                                                    G.R., Grover Beach

"Thank you for the wonderful Saturday evening, your presence and the knowledge you shared. My inspiration is back on track, I found it not very easy to do it all alone."
Y., Los Angeles

"Again, Blessings to you both for your wonderful work and sharing the Divine Knowledge. I will certainly do my part to keep the energy going..."
                                                                                              S., Los Angeles

Sai Shakti Energy Rebalancing Sessions
with UCBK practitioners

Come experience a rebalancing energy session in this powerful, Sai Shakti Healing tradition... with the practitioners at UCBK.

831/ 425-3234 (or email UCBK) for more details or to set up an appointment.

"I'm feeling so much better... I don't know if it's the Shakti and Lakshmi mantras, the candle ceremony or a whole host of things but I've been in a constant state of serene bliss for the last five days.  Everything seems very different. I'm noticing life in a whole new way and it feels permanent and not just a "mood" or temporary state. Thank you for your compassion, help, prayers and all of your kind words. I'm noticing every little blessing and seeing little miracles everywhere."                                    
                                       J. B., Lake Elsinore, CA





A note about donations:  All UCBK events are available to any sincere spiritual student in search of divine knowledgeas such, we do accept sliding scale and other trades if finances are a barrier preventing you from attending.  If you've already taken a major course, like the Five Elements Process or the Sri Chakra Yantra, you are welcome to attend these courses again, at a 50% reduction, as a refresher (materials fees still required, if appropriate).

The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen
831/ 425-3234  P.O. Box 1598, Felton, CA 95018
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